Data services for the real world

Many new to the data world think data science is building models to in someway understand, or predict some system or process. The truth is that each system has a set of real controls, be they physics in a mechanical system, human behavior in sales cycles, or any other cause effect relationship. We focus on both the data and systems involved in the problem both before a model is built and after its built in, and in how it is used, interpreted, and implemented Allow real value to be delivered.

Data preparation

Commonly referred to as ETL processes, more about human and machine interactions than it is about programming and tools. The best analogy to this is traveling, you of course can find a route between any two points with google maps. But it is significantly more complex to actually drive between those two points. This is why self driving cars are taking such a long time to become reality. Computational power needed to even do a basic job of this is gigantic, however a human with minimal training can do it with ease and with experience can do it almost without thinking. By giving the human the right tools (the car) and the right set of inputs and feedbacks systems (steering wheel, gas, break, mirrors, ..) the human driving the car can efficiently manage the task. We design data systems where the human is at the center of the process, and making the process as efficient as possible by making the human as efficient as possible interacting with the process. This means a laser focus on understanding the relationships between the data and the humans that guide its processing and use the results is key to value

Data Delivery

Getting the data to the places its needed is almost as important as getting the data to begin with.

We Rapidly Build Data delivery tools with focus on non expert data access, this means Restful API's and Data Views that are simple and easy for end users to access. Along with data visualizations to help the users explore and access the data to gain the most insights from the analytics .

Subject Matter Experts

Subject matter experts from, Petroleum Engineering, Renewables, Geosciences, Legal, Physics, and many other specialist fields are called on to provide insights into data, So that we can extract the most information out of the data, to help clients gain deeper understanding of the systems they work with and the data that describes those systems. Subject matter experts are critical to pulling deeper levels of understanding from the analytics that are done.